Using the N9QIP Echolink node:

N9QIP has an Echolink node located on the West side of Watertown, WI. To use Echolink via RF, set your radio to 440.150MHz plus offset with a PL of 123 Echolink is controlled using your touch tone pad of your radio. To locate active links go to the EchoLink WEB Page and click on "Link Status" then check the "Show Links Near" box and enter the area you wish to contact. Decide which station you wish to connect to, locate the "node number" and that is what you key into your DTMF mic pad. (don't forget to ID with your station call before you start, and also remember to disconnect the link when done -- DTMF code # ) Here's how to connect to the "EchoLink" node: 1. Key up, identify yourself, then enter "08" to get our status -- you'll find out if anyone is already connected. If so, please wait until the other stations are done. 2. To link-up to a EchoLink node, key up, give your call sign, send the desired 4-6 digit node number. Example 1234. After the link telemetry confirms that the link is on, wait to be sure there is no traffic, then have your QSO. To disconnect, key up, identify, and send # to disconnect, wait until you hear the link-off telemetry, and then sign clear. During your QSO, be sure to pause 3 seconds at each transmission turnover in order to provide enough time for others to break in. Reset (for 3 seconds) at least every 3 minutes, or you will time out the Node. Key up for 1 second before talking to let the link and the distant repeater come up. If you try to connect to an EchoLink station through a IRLP station and you canít get in, follow the procedure below: To link up to an IRLP station, follow the above procedure, but prefix the Echolink node number with the C key. Example (C123456). All FCC Part 97 Rules apply to this mode. Other DTMF codes: . 00 - Connect to a Random Node . 01 - Connect to a Random Link . 02 - Connect to a Random Conference . 03 - Connect to a Random User . 08 Ė Status There are ways to "query by call" with "07" and "connect by call" with "C". Check out the documentation/download the software at Good luck and have fun with this new mode.

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