Watertown Amateur Radio Club 2006 Presenters

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February Meeting Meeting Picture Soon April Program May Meeting
February Program
Traffic Handling, Denny K9LGU (left)
With John WA9YVE Treasurer WARC
March Program
NIMS Part II, Claude
WA9KCU (right) with Doug WB0WRJ President
No Presentation.
Sale of Equipment
May Program
HF in the Mobile, Richard N6NKO (left)
With Doug WB0WRJ President WARC
Picture Soon July Meeting August Meeting September Meeting
June Program
HF Wire Antennas
Presenter Don W9IXG
July Program
Antique Radio Equipment
Presenter Bob N9HAL (right)
with Doug WB0WRJ President WARC
August Program
Presenter Bill KB9ENO (left)
with John WA9YVE Treasurer WARC
September Program
Winlink 2000
Presenter Jim KB9MMC (left)
with Claude, Secretary WARC
September Meeting
October Program
SET Drill
Presenter Claude WA9KCU

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