Train Derailment Exercise September 8, 2007

This exercise was held in Portage, WI. There was a train derailment and a suspect on the loose. One of the rail cars was carrying amonia. The amonia was leaking and several persons were injured. A suspect involved in the incident had to be aprehended.

Our Club was asked to participate. Jerry, NO9U; Gerry, W9GP; and Lucky, K9LUK; participated in this exercise. Jerry, NO9U was in the EMCOMM 1 vehicle. He was operating the Repeater frequency and was passing messages to various agencies. Gerry, W9GP was also operating in the EMCOMM 1 vehicle. We was operating the simplex frequency that was used to get traffic from the 6 shadow locations (shadow - locations where "Hams" were shadowing served agencies. Lucky, K9LUK was assisting in the EMCOMM 1 vehicle and taking pictures of the exercise.

The EMCOMM 1 vehicle was a important part of this exercise. Both Gerry, NO9U; and Gerry, W9GP did a profesional job of message handling and radio operation.

This exercise was a good training tool and was very well organized. There were way to many agencies involved to mention them all.

Here a a few of the pictures. Enjoy!

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