Quick grab bag with standard equipment for all drills or emergencies: 1. Dual band 144/440 MHz. HT with the following accessories: Extra battery pack with new AA alkaline batteries or fully-charged nicads Speaker microphone Earphone Instruction sheet for radio DC cord to run off cigar lighter BNC or SMA adaptor for HT with short coax cable with SO-239 so HT can be connected to a PL-259 car antenna cable or EOC antenna cable 2. Identification card issued by Division of Emergency Government and ARES EC 3. Copy of FCC license 4. Pencil and small note book 5. Swiss army knife 6. Mini-Mag light with batteries 7. Sun glasses and sunscreen 8. Maps of Watertown area 9. Watch or small battery operated clock 10. Cell phone, if any 11. Quick Reference Guide and Emergency Communications Procedure Manual Backup bag for car trunk for longer-term operating conditions: 1. Emergency Communications sign for car windshield 2. Large 12 volt gel cell for powering HT and adaptor cord with spare fuses 3. AC charger for gel cell 4. Low current draw light for use with gel cell or a camping lantern 5. Gloves, hat, rain suit, jacket and change of other clothing 6. Clipboard with paper and pencils, marker pens 7. Small multimeter 8. Pliers, cutter, wrench set, screw drivers, soldering iron and other tools 9. Roll of duct tape, roll of electrical tape and rope or nylon string 10. First aid kit 11. Matches or lighter 12. Insect repellant Other items to have at home and readily available for an assignment: 1. GPS unit, if any, or a compass 2. Tarp with poles or quick assembly screen tent, portable table and chairs 3. Blanket or sleeping bag 4. Supply of bottled water and non-perishable high-energy food 5. Extra backup HT or extra batteries or battery packs 6. Small SWR meter 7. Portable antennas for VHF/UHF/HF, push-up poles, coax cable, ground rod and wire, and mounting straps for better signals at EOC locations 8. Connector kit with adaptors 9. Portable generator, gas, extension cords and surge protectors 10. Large deep cycle 12 volt battery 11. Mobile VHF/UHF radio for 12 volts capable of 50 watts 12. HF radio for 12 volts 13. Laptop computer and batteries for packet operation Rev: August 25, 2004 by WA9KCU, Claude


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